Essay on Adult Learner And Their Academic Success

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The Adult Learner can use digital tools to increase their academic success. Although the Adult Learner has been out of the typical classroom environment they can use digital tools to assist them in pursuing their academic goals. As it stands there is not an accepted definition of what entails an adult learner (Knowles, Holton III, & Swanson, 2012, p. 172). For the purpose of this paper we are going to assume that an Adult Learner is someone that has been away from the school environment and pursuing a career for some time. We are not going to consider an adult that has gone directly from a High School environment into a College setting whether online or in a traditional setting. The thought that lifelong learning needs to take place is overtaking traditional thinking. No longer are people having one job for their lifetime, but rather multiple jobs over a career that needs more and more education (Selwyn, 2006, p. 55). The Adult Learner is different from the traditional learner mentally in the way a student prepares for class, mentally digests the material presented in class and what information is retained during the class and into the future. When it comes to the Adult Learner most likely this individual already has preconceived ideas and life lessons that they are bringing to the classroom (Knowles, Holton III, & Swanson, 2012, p. 173). Whereas the traditional learner is more likely to take the information presented at face value and not have to worry about their past…

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