Adrian Chow Points Out His Interests On Writing Social Situation

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From the collected data based on songwriter’s review, Adrian Chow points out his interests on writing social situation, such as political circumstances and the rich and poor gap etc.. . Unlike other music producers, in referring to his interview with the instantnews1, Adrian attempts to produce music that is off the popular genre trend, and he choose to take a relatively risky and less commercial-based market (non mainstram)– start off the Political songs market in Hong Kong. He mentions that the movie “ The 12 years a Slave” inspires him to write the song of雞蛋與羔羊( Egg and Lamb) because of the similar situation in reference to the case between Hong Kong and China. Being asked the question whether he is afraid that the China government will band the publish of his songs, Adrian gave an inspiring answer and he replied “ I believe it is necessary to make this song, to deliberate the message out to the public; I can not care much about the consequences.” From his responses, it is clearly demonstrated that Adrian is a person with character and this adds a bit of authenticity of using him as a targeted object because he doesn’t work for profits, like the majority mainstream music producers. After knowing who is Adrian Chow, it is crucial to switch out attention to his music world. Making reference to Adrian’s song promo4, he made a speech about this intention and orientation about his political music. Adrian says he wishes to make use of music as a way to help Hong Kongers to…

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