Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The German Culture Essay

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Adolf Hitler’s influence on the German culture in the 1930’s-1940’s
Adolf Hitler, a man who is hated by many and loved by few. He is often given too much credit or just the opposite, given too little credit. It is easy for a modern society to separate Hitler from society and his beliefs. But from a sociological point of view, it is interesting to look at the Nazi party and study how they influenced culture and came to power. Changing a whole country’s belief system of what they felt was wrong or right through means of propaganda, laws, and many other techniques. When the ideas of being an Aryan and anti-Semitism developed a majority over other groups in Germany then those groups became compliant. They didn’t want to risk being an outsider from the norm. An interesting fact about when Hitler ran for office in 1933 is that he only received 43.91% of the popular vote. The Nazi party held 30.9% of the seats in the German parliament. But through the practice of propaganda and great pressure on people who weren’t Nazi, people complied.

Adolf Hitler rise to power and changing the minds of the German people Adolf Hitler’s rise to power was not blind luck but well orchestrated moves to seize power. In order to rise to the position of Chancellor for Germany, Hitler first set out to gain support of the people. But in getting into the minds of the German people Hitler had to wedge himself into the culture. Hitler influenced art, literature, publications, and the…

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