Psycho-Historical Analysis Of Adolf Hitler

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As a young child Hitler suffered from disorders , according to the reading, “A Psycho-Historical Analysis of Adolf Hitler: The Role of Personality, Psychopathology, and Development” , we have read in class tells us that Hitler had many aspects during his early life ,in other words his characteristics has influenced him in many ways.
One of the ways it has influenced Hitler was the way he grew up under a parenting style defined as an authoritarian .On page 60 of Psycho-Historical Analysis of Adolf Hitler” says,”such a parenting style is characterized by rigidity,obedience without questions,and physical punishment.” This caused Hitler to be diagnosed with aggressive Personality and antisocial. As a young child he thought he was better than
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Well according to the reading “Hitler comes to power”, talks about how Hitler became so powerful. We know that the first World War left Germany in ruins.People in Germany were very upset that they had lost the war and needed someone to blame for the defeat. Many blamed the politicians who had negotiated the peace. Many wanted strong leadership while others merely wanted a solution to Germany 's economic, political and social. So Well, here comes Hitler, who was a spellbinding speaker who got to a lot of attention from the Germans who also wanted a big change. The political and social violence in Germany immediately after World War One led to rise of many violent and extreme political groups. Hitler addressed them with passionate speeches that roused strong emotions in his …show more content…
Hitler used propaganda on children by having teachers spread Nazi ideas to German youth. The Nazis removed some books from the classroom, German teachers introduced them to new textbooks that taught them to love Hitler, and have obedience to state authority, militarism, racism, and antisemitism. Poland invaded 1939 was Hitler’s idea because he wanted to build a concentration camp called blitzkrieg, “This was characterized by extensive bombing early on to destroy the enemy’s air capacity, railroads, communication lines, and munitions dumps, followed by a massive land invasion with overwhelming numbers of troops, tanks, and artillery”(History 1). Poland invaded 1939 first ghettos are made in 1940 , the ghettos were needed to hold the jewish population that had been deported from all over europe , they had jews bulid the walls of ghettos. In the third Reich women played a huge role in Adolf Hitler 's plan to create an ideal German Community called Volksgemeinschaft. researchers say that “Hitler believed a larger, racially purer population would enhance Germany 's military strength and provide

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