Adolf Hitler : A Powerful Man Essay

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Adolf Hitler: Führer Adolf Hitler killed over 60 million people for believing in one thing- their belief in Judaism. Adolf Hitler was a very powerful man that had one goal in sight, to change society. He was responsible for an important part of our history. His cruel intentions make him known today. Adolf Hitler 's early years set him up to his rise of power, followed by his policy aims, leading up to world war 2 and finalizing with his death.
Early Years Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Austria. He was Baptized as a Christian and his maternal grandfather was Jewish. Growing up, Hitler got a lot of love and affection from his mother, Klara. In contrast, Hitler’s father, Alois, was always in conflicts with his son. His father did not want Hitler’s life to be spent as an artist, but rather a business man. In 1889, he moved to Linz pursuing a career visual art. Hitler argued with his father, who wanted Adolf to enter the Habsburg civil service. After Alois’s death, due to fluid on the lungs, Hitler convinced his mother to allow him to follow his dreams as an artist. Two years after his father’s death, his mother let him drop out of school. Hitler then relocated to Vienna and worked as a casual laborer and a watercolor painter. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, but was refused twice. Hitler’s mother was dying from cancer, and was operated in January. The operation was unsuccessful. Hitler knew this, but left her to give art another chance. When he…

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