Adolescents And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Adolescents frequently need guidance on their progression to adulthood. The developmental changes which they undergo can often be challenging. Adolescents are often influenced by their social circumstances, and need guidance from others to know what to do in certain situations. Circumstances are vital to understanding when and where it is a good place to stop a discussion about the adolescents sexual and physical changes which they are going through. I would propose that there are different stages in which a parent or authority should progressively inform the adolescent of their development. For some adolescents if they are not readily prepared it could be detrimental for them emotionally and socially. Speaking to the adolescent about this is vital, and a person should make certain they are supporting the adolescents faith along the way as well.


Adolescents need a sense of security as they go through developmental changes in their lives. It is important that they do not worry about their physical puberty while also worrying about their transition from childhood into adulthood (Adolescence, 17). According to Freud’s theory the id and the ego have no morality (Adolescence, 20). Keeping Freud’s theory in mind, it is important to keep the focus on the adolescent and encourage them spiritually to remain abstinent while they go through trying times socially. Middle school aged children in comparison to high school adolescents have…

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