Adolescent And Adolescent Development : Adolescent Essay

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The topic of the article is adolescent. It discusses the general characteristics, physical growth, psychosocial growth, and cognitive development. An adolescent is illustrated as the period of life, beginning with the appearance of secondary sex characteristics and ends with the cessation of growth and emotional maturity. Adolescents are identified at the age of 12 to 19 years old. Adolescents are divided into early (12 to 14 years old), middle (15 to 16 years old), and late periods (17 to 19 years old). During this age period, adolescents are most likely to experience the changes as the physical growth developed along with emotional and social development. (healthychildren, 2015) The adolescent will experience the stages of puberty, accompanies with changes in personality. As the age increases, there will be changes in the structure and function of various parts of the body At this stage, adolescents are more likely to develop secondary sex characteristics, along with the reproductive organs. The age of puberty varies and is rather earlier for girls than for boys. Girls are more prone to develop fats than boys and boys are mostly likely to develop more muscles than girls. Puberty is easily recognized in girls by the onset of menstruation, which is also called menarche. The secondary sex characteristics become more noticeable before the menarche. Male’s sperm production signifies the beginning of adolescence. Girl’s increase around 2 to 8 inches in height and…

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