Bridge To Terabithia Character Analysis

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They are different characteristics of the socioemotional development of an adolescence. Many people know this stage as the age of rebellion, out of control, irresponsible, and arrogance. However, there more things that teenagers are experiencing for the first time and not every one of them reacts the same to these changes. Apart from the physical changes of puberty, teenagers go through many emotional situations also due to the change in their hormones. They are situations in which an adolescence goes through unexpected situations that might add more stress and other problems to their development. In this essay, there would be a review of the socioemotional stage of the main character, Jess Aarons, from the movie Bridge to Terabithia (2007). Jess, is the main character of this movie. Since the beginning of the movie, it is shown that he lives in a family with low SES. He attends to middle school where it shows that he is a teenager that doesn’t really have friends and that is bullied by other boys and students from grades above. In a form, he is a neglected teenager since the father always works and the mother must take care of the other three siblings. This and the reasons that he lives in a low SES he must mature faster. He demonstrates this in the movie where it shows that he must do all his chores, has a strict father, and that Jess pays attention and understands the economic problems of his …show more content…
A situation that is not common with all teenager because a death of someone really important is present. Jess goes through other things known to happen during the adolescence stage that adds up to all the changes that Jess is already going through. At the end of the movie, Jess can work through these things as he understands his lost but keeps the positive things that he learns through his experience and works and improves on

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