Insecurity Narrative

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Just like every other person who has gone through or will go through adolescence, I faced the time period with insecurity and a desire for stability. There were key aspects of my adolescence that had the greatest effect on my development. I grew up for most of my life without the presence of my father which effected my emotional well-being and self-worth. I was raised by authoritative parents who instilled a drive for success within me. My teachers throughout this part of my life were vital to my development, especially with the guidance they offered me in my school work. My relationship with my siblings contributed to my self-image growing up. Lastly, I suffered from body issues and depression which altered my experience as an adolescent …show more content…
My brother and I met my step-sister and step-brother when I was four years old. By the time I was five, we were all moving in together as a family. Our situation was even more unique when my brother and I stopped seeing my father on weekends, and my step-siblings lost their mother to a heart attack. At this point, we became the only family the others had. Our blended family became less blended and more solidified. I stopped referring to them as step-siblings, but rather just my siblings. As the youngest, I was the prime target for much mockery and ridicule. My sister developed a nickname for me when I was in middle school: Naked Mole Rat. Honestly, it’s a creative nickname. Who else would come up with something like that? Just my big sister who loved to make fun of me. I wore glasses since third grade. When I didn’t have my glasses on, I made a weird squinty face. Kind of like a Naked Mole Rat. On top of this, my front tooth had grown out on top of my baby tooth, creating big, crooked front teeth. I was an easy target for my family members. With my squinty eyes and the inability to close my mouth because of my jutting front teeth, my sister and brothers decided Naked Mole Rat perfectly described my appearance. Luckily, I developed out of that awkward looking phase, but not without suffering the ridicule of my

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