Essay on Adolescence : Adolescence And Its Effects

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Adolescence is the years from puberty to adulthood which can be difficult time for people to go though. Having to be adolescence and also struggle with a mental illness has to be difficult. During our adolescence years we are changing so much with physiological growth, physical development, emotional development, and social development. Facing adolescence year’s causes lot of change to our cognitive, social and emotional developmental and I wonder how having a mental issues can affect that. I want to work with adolescence when I become a therapist and I want to know how depression and anxiety would affect working with adolescence and how I would go about treating them. Working with the adolescence population is something that I really want to do because I had a therapist for me during my adolescence after I suffered from trauma.
Puberty is the biological change of adolescence and by mid- adolescence most youngsters will have reached their adult height and weight. When entering adolescence we still perceive the world around them in concrete terms and we hardly set our sights beyond the present. By late adolescence many youngsters starts to plan ahead into the future. They can also solve complex problems and sense what others are thinking however we they are still young and can may act without thinking. During adolescence stage children start to distant themselves from Mom and Dad and march toward autonomy. This can be shown by spending more time with friends, and also…

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