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Associate Degree Nurse vs Bachelor of Science Nurse

Associate Degree Nurse vs Bachelor of Science Nurse
The nursing profession is unlike other health care professions. It has multiple education levels of entry into the nursing field. Many states have recently started to propose legislation to make registered nurses obtain their bachelor of science in nursing within ten years of becoming licensed registered nurses. This proposed legislation is aware of the associate degree nurses level of education and offers solutions for continued pursuit of furthering their education to the bachelor of science nurse. It is believed with the combination of the
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The U.S.Army, Navy, Air Force, and the veterans administration require the bachelor of science for all of its’ active registered nurses. The veterans association is the largest employer of registered nurses and requires the baccalaureate degree for any advancement .

They have been providing financial incentive for the nurses to further their education.

Even in other countries than the United States they have moved into the direction of bachelor of science for their nurses.

Since most hospitals are trying to achieve magnet status this places more value on education for their nurses. These hospitals now have tuition reimbursement to help this along for their nurses.

The critical role of the associate degree nurse receives positive acknowledgement from their hospitals. It is believed that the associate degree skills play an important role in caring for the patient. For higher developed skills such as critical thinking and leadership the baccalaureate nurses are important for patient satisfaction and quality outcomes.(Lane, 2010)

With the increasing acuity of the patients, shorter lengths of stay and the speciality areas the nursing profession needs to be focused on research and nursing theories.

Society has shown that they are concerned with the nursing shortage and quality of care. Studies have shown that society thinks nurses should have a four year degree as the bachelor of science.

The nursing

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