Adn vs. Bsn Essay

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Francesca Anderson
Grand Canyon University
Professional Dynamics
Joyce Turner
August 14, 2015

At face value, comparing the difference in competencies of the Associate to the Baccalaureate appears to be a relatively simple mathematical equation. The addition of more education equates to more competencies. As undeniable as the math may seem, it fails to grasp the complexity of the topic. At the Associate level the core knowledge to perform many, if not all, of the aspects of the nursing profession has been established. The Baccalaureate should be viewed more as an adjunct to the personal traits that lead an individual to the nursing profession. Taking the intrinsic need to care for the immediate
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Professional organization began to develop, which gave a voice to nurses. These organizations in turn used their growing influence to advocate for measures that ensured standards and ethics. By 1903 legislation was successfully passed at the state level that established regulation of standards and practices. This was mirrored in short order by many states. The foundation of the registered nurse had been laid.
By the close of the first quarter of the twentieth century the social construct of American society began to shift. Rural America began to give way to burgeoning urban centers. Cultural, economic, and social shifts dramatically changed and along with this came the change in healthcare. Nurses as the primary healthcare provider in a non-hospital setting were now on the frontline of pressing health issues.
With the onset of the great depression came yet another chapter in healthcare. The preceding years of urbanization and social shifts in concert with dwindling resources made ever clearer the need to rethink how society interacted. The preceding century having been an age of enlightenment and altruistic philosophies was now giving way to an age of realization not for want but need. Business demanded acute care in hospital settings that needed to be provided to an ever growing patient base, in a cost effective manner. The graduate nurse was now seen as a capable and

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