Adequate Bathroom Access For Transgendered People Essay

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Stating the Problem:

Adequate bathroom access for transgendered people in the United States.
Providing Evidence:
Currently in the United States there are only 12 states that are in full support of transgender bathroom access. There are 6 states that have semi support of the issue of transgender bathrooms. 8 states have claimed to have low support, of transgender bathroom rights, which leaves 24 states that are refusing to support transgender bathrooms. (Transgenderlawcenter, 2016, p.1). That is over 50% of the United States that are overlooking the rights of transgender people. This is sickening, especially due to the fact that as of June of 2016 there are 1.4 million adults that identity as transgender living in America. (Hoffman, 2016, p.1). Where are the rights for these 1.4 million people in over 50% of America? “As the national debate escalates over accommodations for transgender people, the new figure, though still just 0.6 percent of the adult population, is likely to raise questions about the sufficiency of services to support a population that may be larger than many policy makers assumed” (Hoffman, 2016, p.1). There is not an estimated or actual number for transgender youth at this point in time. If there were, however these numbers would continue to increase.
Factors Associated With the Issue:
Bathrooms are a necessary part of one’s life, however could public restrooms be causing harm? By only giving the choice of using a Men or a Women’s room is creating a…

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