Essay on Addressing Global Warming On The Earth

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Addressing Global Warming
Since the dawn of mankind, the Earth has been an everlasting landscape for the potential of future endeavors. Eventually, humanity found itself dominating over the majority of the planet and its inhabitants, which resulted in some arrogance. While humans were able to send a man to the Moon, they were unable to understand the planetary functions of their own planet until recent decades. In a sort of ironic twist, the dominating predator of the Earth now has to contend with the consequences of its invention. Humans brought industry to the world, along with every facet of civilization. As a result, the effects of human invention caused the Earth to adapt, perhaps in ways that humanity did not see as possible. That is the conversation that needs to occur in order to begin to address the great behemoth of Global Warming.
Although it is difficult to negotiate with large corporations, emerging economic superpowers, and most of the known world, it is still possible to bring awareness to the issues posed by Global Warming. For most people, it is as McKibben writes in the following: “And yet, so far, all they have achieved is add to another line to the long list of human problems—people think about ‘global warming’ in the way they think about ‘violence on television’ or ‘growing trade deficits’, as a marginal concern to them, if a concern at all” (McKibben, 8). What I would argue is that expecting the news media to have perfect explanatory powers won’t help…

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