13 Misconceptions Of Global Warming

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Global warming or climate change? No one seems to exactly know what is causing sea level rise, and global temperature increase. Climate experts, scientists, and government officials cannot agree on the exact cause. Is it a matter of not knowing what global warming and climate change truly mean? Or is it that global warming is just a myth? According to the United States Environmental protection Agency (EPA), global warming refers to “the recent and ongoing rise in global average temperature near Earth 's surface”, and climate change is defined as “any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time”. These identical terms though very different in meaning have been at the center of the unsettling
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A line graph by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that since 1900 global carbon dioxide emissions has grown from 5000 million metric tons to approximately 9500 million metric tons. This data does not even include trends of the last five years. Veritasium (2014) claims that human activities are the main cause of the accumulation of carbon dioxide, which in turn increase water in the atmosphere. Furthermore, ninety percent of temperature increase happens after carbon dioxide is released (Veritasium, 2014). Similar to DNews, Veritasium confirms the idea that nobody exactly knows what is causing temperature and sea levels to rise. This video proves that the people who are trying to save the planet are the same people who are killing it. Electricity, transportation, industries are all increasing greenhouse emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And the carbon dioxide that is released in the air is warming the planet. Warmer planet means severe droughts and storms in other words climate change. It is evident that we, the inhabitants of earth, are slowly destroying the …show more content…
The author is not concerned about sea or temperature increase as the other authors, rather he is concerned about how important and real people think these issues are. The word "global warming" was first coined in 1975 in a paper titled “Climate Change: Are we on the Brink of a Pronounced Global warming" by climate scientist, Wally Broecker. Lineman (2015) writes that people are more familiar with the term global warming than climate change. In fact, "according to a Google trend figure from 2004–2014, people searched for the term global warming more frequently than climate change" (lineman, 2015, pge.3). This trends shows that people are more concerned about global warming because it sounds more destructive and more personal than climate change. However, the author States that people have emotional connection to the two terms. This is why politicians use global warming more often than climate change, but scientists use climate change more often because it is the most accurate. People seem to think that climate change is revealed by scientific investigation (Lineman, 2015). Lineman 's findings demonstrate that the way people perceive global warming or climate change is driven by how the media conveys them. The study also shows that people are somewhat concerned with these

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