The Problem Solution To The Problem Of Global Warming

What is global warming and how is the problem significant? Global warming is a gradual increase in the Earth’s atmosphere and ocean temperatures, and it is a significant problem because it affects the way that we live. Going energy efficient is just one of many proposed solutions to the problem of global warming. Going more energy efficient interacts with economics and politics, as well as other factors. If the world goes more energy efficient, it could help reduce the changes that come from global warming.

Humans activities have produced greenhouse gases both indirectly and directly, this is commonly referred to as carbon footprint. Global warming is very much related to Carbon footprint. Science can provide many solutions to lowering carbon
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Governments around the world are working hard to find solutions for global warming. Governments may have a very positive effect on going energy efficient, if they like the idea they may make it mandatory that companies or houses all replace their equipment with more energy efficient equipment over time. If the government does not like the idea of going energy efficient there may be some negative effects, although you can still go more energy efficient if you would like to. The factor of politics can have a huge influence on this solution to global warming. Governments can improve its effectiveness by helping people and other nations move towards being more energy efficient. Eventually, this solution could help political standpoints in the future and somewhat ease them of the problem of global warming. This solution could have a lot of influence from a political standpoint, and new people running for office could use this issue and solution as something that they support, and this would put a good influence on going energy efficient. Political factors are big when it comes to global …show more content…
It seems as if today you hear about global warming everyday. One of many proposed solution to this problem is going more energy efficient. This solution can reduce our carbon footprint and help make it so that global warming does not get worse. Economics had a big influence on this solution, whether people can afford upgrading equipment or not, and going energy efficient will help people to save money on utility bills in the long run. There are also many political factors that go into this solution, whether the government is on board with this idea and whether they help people and other nations go more energy efficient. There is no way to no that this solution will be successful, but we can atlas try it. In the long run it will hopefully reduce the carbon footprint, minimize global warming, and save people

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