Importance Of Addressing Diversity In Criminal Justice Policies

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Addressing Diversity in Criminal Justice Policies
Dolores Jackson Williams
Colorado Technical University
Most judges are elected; would it be better to have the judges appointed by a committee? Why or why not? Explain.
I don’t believe that judges should be appointed by a committee, because they run the risk of violating the Judicial Code of Conduct at some point. When a judge is elected they are not swayed by special interest group or partisans, as I come to learn their main purpose to see their interest win, and by doing so will only make our judicial system appear to be impartial and unfair.
Let’s look at the trends on the monetary aspect of these groups, during the 90’s theses groups spent approximately 83.3 million dollars, however in
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These canons along with subsections will give guidance on how a judge performs his duties, and duties outside the judicial setting. These canons were adopted April 5, 1973 during a Judicial Conference as Code of Juridical Conduct of United States Judges, however changes to these canon has since occurred. Canon 1: states the judge must advocate veracity and individuality of the Judiciary, the judge will at all time remain above reproach while adhering to principles of conduct that will preserve the judicial …show more content…
Why or why not?
Partisans and special interest groups have become a well-organized entity who sole purpose is to affect the outcome of elections in their favor. In the attempt to keep judges accountable to various parties and their way of thinking and not within the U.S Constitution and the law, is what I believe is the foundation behind many political and financial pressures put upon our judges. With this being said, many American honestly believe that our judicial system already corrupt and its justices can be bought and some are bought.
Pertaining to re-election, should judges be held to a higher standard than other candidates for any political office? Why or why not?
Yes I believe that judges must be above reproach and the same for any candidate that holds a political office. As mentioned previously the American public currently believes that most judges and officials are corrupt, simple based upon hearing or reading about their unethical behaviors in the media. Most are either reprimanded, suspended, allowed to retire and rarely are they terminated.
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