Process Essay: Overcoming Addiction Through Yoga

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Overcoming Addiction through Yoga

It’s no secret that addiction is widespread is our today society. From food disorder, drug and substance addition, smoking and many more, there is a clear need to help people with their addictions. Overcoming addictions is no easy task. The process is both physically and emotionally consuming. Luckily, once you’ve decided to quit, yoga can help you.

The practice of Yoga has been around since early 500 BC. The tradition offers a way to deal with addictions by building your self-esteem as well as confidence so as to overcome the addiction. Yoga combines mental and physical disciplines to achieve peace in one’s body. When practiced consistently, it can become a strong tool in the fight against any addiction.
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Yoga has been seen to treat both the body and mind by maintain a positive flow of energy. Through yoga poses, we stretch our bodies in ways that allows energy to flow freely. In turn, this releases the blocks of energy, feelings and even cravings that may have built up.

Body detoxification

When you do certain poses in Yoga, you force various organs to release built up toxins that may give you the boost you need to a healthier life. How exactly does this work? By releasing the toxins, you are actively strengthening your immune system. With continued poses and deep breathing, you are effectively detoxifying your lymphatic system as well as oxygenating your nervous system.

Hormone release

Hormones play a critical part in the functioning of your body. With yoga, through persistent exercise and deep relaxation, the body releases endorphin hormone which studies have attributed to happiness and even comfort by reducing activity in areas of the brain attributed to stress. The hormone has even been used to treat stress. Overall, yoga offers a space for therapeutic and proper relaxation techniques that can help you beat any

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