Addiction : The Struggle Of Addiction Essay

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Do you or someone you know face the struggle of addiction? Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. A specific example of an addiction is drugs, a chemical that harms the body of the user. Addiction is a very powerful weapon used against us. Ultimately what is at the stake here is lives. Without someone to motivate addicts to do better, they will possibly never have the boost they need to overcome addiction. Addiction to drugs have many effects on one’s self and their families but there are many treatments for both sides to get through and overcome the struggle. Drugs do more to addicts than most realize. People who do drugs often do not know or even care about the harm they do to their body. Many health problems are created. According to, the immune system is weakened, the liver has to work harder, and it could weaken the stomach and make them vomit and have abdominal pain. There are much more serious health problems such as seizures and strokes. Drugs have an effect on the brain. When using these substances, dopamine goes through the limbic system in large amounts. A number to show how harmful drugs can be, is found on the site when they wrote, “Illicit drug users make over 527,000 costly emergency room visits each year for drug related problems”. Moving past health problems, drug addicts also have mood changes. An example of this comes from, “More than…

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