Addiction : Society 's Epidemic Essay

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Drug addiction is often characterized as being a complex brain disease that causes compulsive, uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking and use without any regards to the consequences they may bring upon themselves, or society. If the brain is exposed to these large amounts of dopamine on the reward system, it will inevitably develop a tolerance to the current dopamine levels, which it is receiving, lessening the pleasure the user will experience

Addiction: Society’s Epidemic
Drugs are everywhere and everybody knows somebody who has used or uses drugs, whether the user is a friend, family member or a celebrity. Due to drugs being everywhere, that means so are the effects of drugs. The fastest growing problem in America today is the abuse of opiates and heroin. Within the past 10 years, abuse of prescription medications has exploded, making it a National issue. Per the National Drug Intelligence Center: opiates, depressants are the drug classifications most commonly abused by Americans (NDIC, 2006). Prescription drug abuse is in no way a new problem to our society. There are many individuals and families in our society that are dealing with an opiate and heroin addiction. Opiate abuse is the intentional use of an opiate medication without a prescription; or for the feeling it causes (The Science of Drug Abuse & Addiction, 2014).

The Disease of Addiction.
Addiction is defined as a disease; just like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Addiction is caused by…

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