Adair Park Field Trip Essay

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Adair Park Field Trip was a really great experience where you get to see many different types of rocks and many diverse examples of minerals. This trip happened on Saturday November 1, 2014. Several geology classes went to the field trip for the expedition, with the purpose of learning the different types of each rock and its minerals and also to identify the stones from oldest to youngest. The group leaders of this trip were several professors of geology. Professor Croxen, Garrett, Dr. B, did everything possible for this trip to happen. Guess their goals for us were achieved because we had the experience to know more about how the mountains get build at the time with the movements of our nature and also to know how the rocks are made of. Once we arrived to Adair Park Field, our instructors decided to put us in different groups. We begin to discuss many information about, Hill Top Diabase, Black Hill Granite, Mazatzal Gneiss, Blaisdale Pegmatite, Upper and Lower Adair Formation, Terrace Gravels and Unconformity, and Erosion.
Adair Park is at the outsides of Yuma were the Adair Range is. The terrain of the Adair Mountains are very clean and clear to see. Now wonder why most of us people like to go for a hike in the desert right through the mountains and enjoy nature. We had the opportunity to see all those huge mountains around us and we also heard the people who were shooting at the range.
Mazatzal Gneiss was one of the oldest unit during our trip. This rock is about 1.6…

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