Ad Astra Per Aspera Analysis

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Imagine running a marathon for one of your favorite charities. Of course, you will be motivated and energized at the beginning because of the adrenaline rushing through your body. However after a while, your legs start to feel heavy, you become tired and thirsty but most of all, you have lost all your motivation in addition to a constant battle taking place in your mind about whether to keep going or to give up everything you have worked for. Recently, I have been asked to choose a quote that perfectly shouts, “Jaenna!” “Ad astra per aspera” translated to, “To the stars through difficulty,” is a valuable quote to me for numerous reasons. This quote means that if you work hard, you will be rewarded in the end. Also, it best describes me because …show more content…
Once again, I was pushed to my fullest potential but I definitely felt successful in the end. This time around, my story took place during my first, or novice year of rowing. In the sport, the coaches evaluate the rowers by looking at their 2k times in other words, the amount of time it takes to row the distance of 2,000 meters. Not everyone looks forward to 2k day only because it is strenuous and intense. On the other hand, everyone expects to “PB” or get their personal best and ring the success bell. Every week, we had to perform a 2k and I was the only one on the team that was optimistic about it. Also every week, I had gained a personal best and got to ring the bell. This went on until eventually my coach came up to my team mate and I after a huge race and asked, “You two know what you’re competing for now, right?” In my heart I knew what she meant because it was all I ever wanted. She wanted my team mate, Gabby, and I to compete for the lowest time in order for one of us to receive a name plate on the oar that is displayed in the boathouse. At that time, I held the title of the fastest time but that was not always the story. Towards the beginning of the season, it was Gabby who had the better time and I was always playing catch up. However things started to change when Gabby started missing 2k’s and eventually missing one turned into missing four. While in my case, on the other hand, I never had to make up a 2k and I pushed myself until I finished. Thus, I was named “2014 Novice Girls Rowing

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