Active Listening Skills Research Paper

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Active listening

How well did you use active listening skills during the meetings? Give two examples of how you showed each of the following during this task:

Attending: I attended all meetings on time, and was present both physically and mentally, as were my group members. This was essential to the success of our project. Therefore, we made and agreed on a detailed timetable and so far have stuck to it. This has helped to ensure we were all able to prepare sufficiently for each stage of the project. Another example of how I showed attendance during the task was that I came prepared with all necessary equipment and any required pre-meeting reading and tasks complete. I chaired the first meeting and wanted to ensure I set a high standard by
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As the chairperson, during meetings I asked questions to ensure all group members were on the same page, to clarify that everyone understood what was being said, and to find out if anyone had any suggestions or concerns.

Which listening skill/s do you feel you have developed most during this practice?

As a result of this exercise I feel that I have developed or further developed the following ten listening skills:

1. I must focus on what is being said. Shut out distractions. Commit myself to concentrating.
2. Selective note taking helps me remember key points, but trying to note down everything results in things being missed.
3. If I don 't understand something, or feel we may have missed a point, I need to clear it up immediately or it may embarrass me later.
4. Limit my own talking. I can 't talk and listen properly at the same time. Someone once said that “listen” contains the same letters as “silent”.
5. Don 't interrupt needlessly. A pause, even a long pause, doesn 't always mean they’ve finished saying everything they want to say.
6. Limit my interjections, although the occasional "yes" or "I see" shows the speaker I’m still listening, but I should avoid meaningless

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