Act 1 Scene 3 Of William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

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In a very simple manner the nurse in Romeo and Juliet is there purely to give some light relief from the rest of the play using sexual humour. However, if looked at in more detail many more roles of the nurse come into play than simply to make the audience laugh.

In Act 1 Scene 3 the nurse is portrayed in a very positive and light hearted manner particularly when she tells Juliet to 'seek happy nights to happy days ' it could be suggested that is simply a light hearted sexual reference put in the play by Shakespeare to amuse the uneducated groundlings at the front. The majority of the audience would have found this amusing as at the time the audience would be mainly male and probably drunk so they would have found the sexuality of the nurse highly entertaining. The rhythmic nature of this line is not in the normal style of the nurse which makes this stand out and appear to be a very important part of the scene showing just how important the nurse 's role is to provide comic relief just before or after a very intense scene. The comic relief created by the nurse works particularly well because Shakespeare plays on the stereotype of the sorts of people that generally use sexual humour, an attractive young lady whereas the nurse is depicted as large, unattractive and old which makes this comic relief even more entertaining for the audience as they would not expect someone like the nurse to make such sexual references.This simple sexual wordplay used by the nurse makes the more…

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