Accommodating Communication Style Essay

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According to the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, my conflict style was accommodating. I would consider myself as a compromising and caring person, but I do not like to be perceived as a people pleaser. However, I have a few aspects of accommodating personality because I think of others before me. Growing up I would have handled my conflict as a competitor, but over the year of fighting and being called a “right-fighter” and proclaimed that I never think about others views but my own. After understanding, this made me change my communication, it made me listen and see what I was missing.
At this time in a long distance relationship with my high school boyfriend, Tyler. I always try to keep a good communication climate between the two of us. It takes two people to make one relationship work and to make a relationship work it must have communication. Having a good communication climate between you and your significant other is always important because it is a way of understanding the other person and truly getting to know them. Even though Tyler and I tend to have
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My classmates once viewed me as a competitor and thinking I didn’t care about their views and opinions because my perception of everything has always been right. They presumed of me as a “right fighter” and they were right. Over the few months I understood that being a right fighter is going to leave me with no friends, subsequently I became more accommodating. When my peers began to notice how I actually listen and understood oppose to thinking I was always right, they started to enjoy being around me and express their feelings to me which made a lot of my friendships closer. The day to day communication with my peers began to grow and now developed into life-long bonds. I treat all my relationships now similar to how I would want to be treated and it has turned into a positive

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