Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Restorative

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Love to solve problems, I enjoy a challenge of identifying a situation at hand and being able to solve it. It brings me joy to restore something back to its initial glory and sometimes go back to previous problems knowing that I can fix it with giving it another try. Being restorative means being able to figure out what is wrong and fix it. Very skilled at dealing with problems, practical or personal. Being restorative is being able to say that I can go back and fix things that I’ve had problems with in the past and applying what I’ve learned to help understand it better. To me it’s good that I have the motivation to fix any complicated problems that I come into contact with. I won’t give up on any problems that come my way, until I find the …show more content…
If someone comes to me with beliefs that are different from my own, I will try to modify my opinion so it can match theirs in a similar way. If there is a debate going on about concept or some type of theory, I like to direct it more to a down-to-earth discussion, something more practical. Confrontation is something that doesn’t sit well with me, so I will try to find a common ground for everyone. I love being in an environment where everyone can come together as one with no problems. I know that there will be some situations where there may be some differences but if we are willing to sit down and work them out then I’m perfectly fine with that. Confrontation is something that I really try to avoid in any sense possible, it makes me feel like nothing is going right and just everything is out of place. Having everyone and everything together is really important to me and being able bring them together really makes me happy. There will be many situations where I will have to be the bigger person in a conflict and will have to be the one to bring peace. Being able to say that Harmony is one of my strengths when it comes to certain attributions is good. For instance, at my job if there is a situation arising where two co-workers, or a co-worker and a customer might not see eye to eye, I will probably be able to step in and defuse the situation. Also the fact that I like bringing Harmony, it allows me to treat everyone the same way, so in a situation where there is a conflict I would have to hear each side out before making any

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