Accidents And Deaths Of The Road Essay

1433 Words Sep 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Imagine heading home down the highway on a cold winters evening, the snow is coming down hard making it almost impossible to see. While you are just trying to get home safely, it seems like everyone else around is either bumper to bumper or flooring it down the road; some cars have their headlights burnt out while others seem to barely have working brake lights; the most frosting thing to see are the people who just do not use turn signals. Suddenly, the person in front of you hydroplanes, this causes their car to swerve out and do a 180 degree turn. Now that car is stalled in the middle of the highway facing you straight on. The most common avoidance that people use would be to just slam on the brakes and hope that they stop in time. Sadly, that is not how it works in snowy conditions, doing this just causes more skidding out and the potential for accidents and deaths. Every year people are faced with wondering just how bad the winter will be and they are left wondering whether or not they will be prepared for possibly another snowmadgeddon (Oskin 11). Because of this instinct of survial, everyone packs up on food and clothing; they make sure there are candles, firewood, and flashlights in case of emergencies, but what they never worry about are the dangers of driving during the snow storm. Driving may seem like something that is already well known throughout our communities, but does the average person really understand what it takes to be a good driver with split second…

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