`` Accident `` By David Eggers Essay examples

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The short story "Accident" is by David Eggers. The short story is about a car accident that happens at a intersection between older gentlemen and three teenagers. The readers are able to deeply connect with the story through author use of the word you and get an understanding of what the author wants us to feel. Throughout the story readers will be able to connect and understand the social dynamics of the society people live in.

The story begins with the older gentlemen stepping out of his car and realizing he has caused the car accident. He sees that the teenagers are angry and has a preconceive notion they will be hard to deal. In which he says they have every right to be angry or even violent. For some readers it will make them stop and think about the things he said. In this situation, it is understandable to be upset, but violence is a bit too far because no one has been hurt and even if someone was hurt being violent wouldn’t solve anything. If you stop and think about our society has become more violent in situation over something so small. You can heavily see this with the gang member lifestyle. Many of times people die in gangs because they said something about another gang or just disrespect another gang in some way, so they feel the need to come back kill the person. It makes no sense but people who live that lifestyle, expect that to happen. Even people who doesn’t go to violence as a mean to hurt people they can be highly upset and tried to get some type of…

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