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Case Write-up
Case Write-up Tran, Dung | Vo, Duong “Lucy” | Walden, Giovanna | Wang, Yang | White, Cassi Noel | Kjeseth, Mitchell |

Tran, Dung | Vo, Duong “Lucy” | Walden, Giovanna | Wang, Yang | White, Cassi Noel | Kjeseth, Mitchell |


Before becoming Accenture, Andersen Consulting was a new branch of Andersen Accounting in 1989. Andersen Consulting faced a difficult task of positioning itself in the information technology marketing while also forging an identity separate from its accounting heritage. The challenge was to retain the positive aspects of the brand equity and break away from the limitations associated with an accounting brand. Originally, Andersen Consulting did not offer
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In the 1950s, Arthur Andersen began offering consulting services to companies, wishing to implement info systems and renamed the unit the administrative services division. Consultants from the company programmed and installed the world’s 1st business computer for General Electric in 1954.

Demand for information systems rose, and by the 1970s the Administrative Services Division broadened the scope of its business beyond the design and implementation of systems to include the conduct of studies to produce information needed.

In 1979, the Admin Services Division became the Management Information Consulting Division (MICD).

1. How would you characterize Andersen consulting company brand equity in the late 1990’s? What factors and decisions contributed to the building of this equity?

Andersen Consulting stood from competitors because of its unique combination of skills. It had combined its strategic insights and visions with its Information Technology (IT) to create both point of parity and point of difference to increase its brand equity. Andersen competed with IBM in the technological industry, but its innovative insights and visions in the business strategist field gave it an edge on IBM. Andersen Consulting used innovation as the basis for it missions and achievements. In 1997, Andersen Consulting sought to separate itself from the Arthur Andersen name brand. After the successful divorce, Andersen Consulting had several hard tasks it needed to

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