Academic Involvement And Feelings Of Self Worth Essay examples

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Education attained can affect people throughout a lifetime. Since academic success has long-term effects and is important for a successful life, it is important to identify variables that increase academic success. Academic success through primary and secondary education is a predictor of higher educational attainment and of later academic success (Marjoribanks, 2005). Thus, numerous researchers have studied variables related to academic success (Besser, Flett, Hewitt, & Guez 2008; Ryan, Shim, & Makara, 2013;). Two such variables are feelings of self-worth and academic involvement of students. The present study will attempt to answer the question of how academic involvement and feelings of self-worth are related to academic success in undergraduate psychology students. Academic success will be defined as students’ self-reported cumulative grade point average (GPA), from the past spring 2016 semester. If there is a relationship found between the presented variables in the study, this information could be of potential use to students and university staff, as variables presented could increase student academic success in higher education.
One such relationship that has been examined, is the relationship between the variables of feelings of self-worth and academic success in students. Past research indicates that self-worth and academic achievement are positively correlated in undergraduate psychology and engineering students; this relationship can also be influenced by other…

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