Academic Dishonesty Essay Examples

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THESIS: The dynamics of cheating and social psychology that influences students to lose morality and be inclined to academically cheat are becoming harmfully prevelant in today’s schools.
Cheating in schools is affect all, regardless to education level.
High schools are naturally prone to academic dishonesty, but the numbers are very high.
Even ivy league colleges such as Harvard are not exempt of cheating.
Students across the education level gradient don’t always understand the serious reprecussions of cheating
Academic dishonesty is a sign of a poor character, as it is a sign of a lack of inegrity.
Integrity importance to one’s self and others.
Cheating is failing themselves.
The lack of practice and application of the material tested
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Because of their choice, they miss out on many important factors in their lives. Having inegrity is an important characteristic to have for one’s self, and for others.
Inegrity, as defined by the Mariam-Webster, is 1. “: the quality of being honest and fair” and, 2. “the state of being complete or whole.” It proves to oneself that they have the ability to fully accomplish a task with the equal opportunity as others, that they invested into their own success. This trait shows others that one is trustworthy, and is worthy of investment, as well as their appreciation. When one turns to cheating, rather than doing the assignment honestly, then they are ultimately failing themselves. Either, they do not place the appropriate amount of worth onto the tasks they are given, meaning that they genuinely don’t care about the teacher’s goal, or they have not comprehended the material that is being questioned, so they are missing out on the proper education on the subject. There is a dissonance between success and cheating, and the student chooses the latter, rather than striving for the

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