Essay on Academic And Cultural Experience / Shock

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Academic and cultural experience/shock.

I was fortunate enough to have such a great opportunity of going to Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia on student exchange program. I reached Brisbane on 18th .Feb. The college organised an orientation on 22nd Feb. The orientation was very well planned and succeed its purpose of making newcomers feel like home. Many informative sessions were held about accommodation, financial aid and medical help.

QUT has three campus- Gardens Point, Kelvin Grove and Caboolture. In QUT, the education sector is set up as per the students. There you have to choose a major but you have the liberty to choose the tutorial time among various options. Lectures aren’t compulsory, you can skip lectures and can easily attend it at your own premises through lecture recordings. One of the things which every university should have is a beautiful library. The eye-catching libraries in QUT campus are vibrant yet pleasing. There is an enchantment which makes you sit there for hours. Frankly speaking, I had slept there most of the times and then studied of course. I was blessed to get an opportunity to do an international internship and attend a conference. The internship is, however, the best internship I have done till now.

About my subjects

Brisbane being a calm and busy city has attracted many international students. We were asked to choose our subjects. There were plenty of subjects to choose from. After making a tough…

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