Absence Of A Parent : Children Essay

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Children without one or both of their parents at home with them suffer. Some children feel the effect more tremendously than other children. Living without a parent can lead to a declining child and it causes social problems. Some children who are without a parent demonstrate depression and anxiety, lower education levels, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, and social and mental behavioral issues.
In 2013, my brother lost his father to a tragic death. His father came home that weekend to visit him, and they spent the whole day together. After he left from visiting with my brother, later that night he went to a party. When the party was over, two men that he knew asked him to give them a ride home. As soon as they arrived in town, the two men took him to a back road, robbed, and killed him. They burned his car trying to hide the evidence, but they were not successful. No one knew that my brother’s father was dead until two days later when no one could contact him. People were coming to the house, talking about what they thought had happened to my brother’s father consequently, my brother overheard them; I believe hearing these stories had a negative effect on my brother.
The death of my brother’s father was devastating to him. He was scared and scarred therefore; I sense that he does not know how to deal with it. He does not want to talk about his father with anyone, not even my mother. He began to have nightmares and did not want to sleep in his room…

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