Romans 22-25 Analysis

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Romans 22-25 refers to him about this being credited to him as righteousness. All though it was not for him alone. It was credited to everyone. As long as you believe in the one who raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Paul recounted this story of Abraham to teach the Romans that we are not justified by our own works, but rather in the faith in Jesus Christ and by His righteousness. Paul wraps up chapter 4 of his letter to the Romans with a summary of the entire gospel (Osiek 1840).
Structure. The structure of a passage focuses on similarities and parallelism. Obviously Romans 4:16-25 talks about the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. It is a recount of Abraham’s inheritance of faith through justification. Paul emphasized this
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I believe this passage is telling us how much God loves and cares for us. He chose Abraham and Sarah for greatness. They were faithful and loving. God wants to have a relationship with us more than anything. Even when we don’t listen to him. Take Abraham and Sarah for instance, their faith was strong but had a moment of weakness. They were worried about when God’s promise was going to be fulfilled and instead of waiting and trusting and having faith in God, they took actions into their own hand. Sarah convince Abraham to sleep with and have a baby with Hagar. God could not have been pleased about this, but yet He showed grace and love and mercy to Abraham and Sarah, and still lived up to His promise (covenant) with Abraham and made him the father of many nations and his descendants will mirror the stars in the sky. Paul had the same struggles. He was going as far as persecuting Christians who were followers of Jesus Christ. Not just convicting them and putting them in jail, Paul was actually killing them and sentencing them to death also. I know that God was not pleased about this. However, God loved Paul too. Jesus showed Himself to Paul and blinded him with a bright light. Paul immediately knew that Jesus was the Lord and Savior and went to work preaching in the name of Jesus Christ. Paul had faith in Jesus Christ to spread His message to as many people he could before he was killed. His focused changed from being about himself to the ministry of Jesus

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