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What Influenced Abraham Lincoln

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December 19th, 2014
It was a glorious day on April 14, 1865, for the Unites States of America—the states were united once more. The North had won the Civil War five days ago and everyone was still celebrating victory. The people had one man to thank for leading them through the war: President Abraham Lincoln. Not only had he lead the Union to victory, but he had also set the slaves in the South free. The celebration would be short-lived, however, because one Southern man was not happy with the outcome of the war. It was on that day that actor
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He did have an acquaintance by the name of Dennis Hanks who was ten years older and Lincoln that gave him a basic foundation of math, writing, and reading.(2) When he turned eighteen, he moved away to New Salem. After working there for a few years, he moved to Springfield, Illinois in 1837. In that same year, he met Joshua Fry Speed.
The two were first acquainted when Lincoln went to a local store to buy some furniture for a place he was going to rent, and by chance it happened to be Speed who was selling merchandise that day. The furniture cost too much, so Speed asked Lincoln if he wanted to share a room with him above the store. Lincoln, of course, said yes. (3) Speed helped develop and encourage Lincoln’s political views. While many occupants back in New Salem did not agree with Lincoln’s anti-war, anti-Jacksonian point-of-view, Speed was more than happy to discuss politics with him. (4) Although Speed later changed political parties from Whig—which would later become the Republican Party—to Democrat, he was initially a source of inspiration for Lincoln because Speed was always willing to defend his position on a political matter. (5) The most important contribution Speed made in Lincoln’s life was not in politics, however, but in romance. Speed claimed, “[Lincoln] disclosed his whole heart to me”, earning Speed’s trust when it came to delicate matters. (6) The claim Speed made was true

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