Abraham Lincoln 's The Lincoln Essay examples

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The "Abraham Lincoln Companion" covers a lot of events that happened while Lincoln was in office. Abraham Lincoln goes down in history as our six-tenth President of the United States of America. He also is known for the Emancipation Proclamation, which set the slaves free. He also is the president who had to dealt with and ended the Civil War, and he was successful of keeping the South apart of the Union. Lincoln was a strong and poised president that the United States of America needed during this historical time (149). Many excerpt from the book allows the reader to depict Abraham Lincoln as the humble and respectful leader that he was. Today I will be educating you all about Abraham Lincoln 's schooling, career, family background, and many other things that he did throughout his presidency. First let’s discuss Abraham’s parents and ancestors.
Abraham Lincoln 's ancestors originally occupied Berks County Pennsylvania, before relocating to Virginia. Abraham Lincoln is named after his grandfather on his father 's side whose name was Abraham Lincoln. Between the years of 1781 and 1782, the original Abraham Lincoln immigrated from Rockingham County Virginia to Kentucky (5). Its estimated that a year to two years after Abraham moved to Kentucky he was attacked and killed by Native Americans (5). The Native Americans did not take Abraham 's life because they were in war or had conflict, they took his life while he was doing farm work. When Thomas Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln the…

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