Abraham Lincoln And The President Of The United States Essay

1684 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
Many people believe that the 16th President of the United States was the greatest President to date. The president was Abraham Lincoln. This intense admiration is made apparent through many fictionalizations of Lincoln’s life, some include different legends, such as a naming him a vampire and slayer zombie hunter. This is an example of how deeply people felt about Lincoln, the fact that they wanted to see our greatest leader fight off apocalyptic scenarios. This is not what made Lincoln our greatest President; it was his ability to motivate and his leadership style that proved him to be most successful Commander and Chief. Lincoln used many tactics to motivate and lead, some of which were encouraging innovation, influence through conversation and storytelling, persuading rather than coercing, exercising a strong hand, getting out of the office, and circulating among the troops. In Donald’s T. Phillips, Lincoln on Leadership, Phillips noted that Lincoln was such a successful motivator and leader because of his ability to encourage innovation. As the Commander and Chief, Lincoln had absolute power over his subordinates. In such a hierarchal management structure it is easy for employees to follow orders and not actual think for themselves. Lincoln believed that you “let your subordinates know that you are always glad to have their suggestions. If you never try, you 'll never succeed.” This belief gave Lincoln’s subordinates the confidence to innovate instead of fearing the…

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