Essay on Abraham Lincoln And The Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born on February the 12 of 1809 in Hardin County Kentucky ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). He was born to Thoman Lincoln and Nancy Hanks both were proud farmers of Hardin County. Abraham was born in a small cabin near “Sinking Spring Farm” ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). He later moved with his family to a large farm by Knob Creek ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). Abraham learned to read on that farm and also learned to become a diligent young man by helping with chorea and other work around the farm. Since a young age Lincoln disliked slavery and even moved because of it, he moved to Indiana to work on a farm with his father. In a year Abraham Lincoln was able to build a home in Kentucky where he would later return and meet his future wife Sarah Bush Johnston ("Abraham Lincoln Biography."). They would move to the home that Lincoln built and have three children. This is about the same time that Lincoln would desire for knowledge rather than work in a field. Lincoln would soon read every book he could get his hands on to, and would even be hated by his father for giving up the life of a farmer and take on the job of an intellectual individual. Lincoln hated living as a farmer and wasted all of his remaining money on law and custom lessons. Thomas Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln 's relationship was weird because although they grew up together and took care of each other, they didn 't really care for one another. As Thomas Lincoln died he wanted to see Abraham but…

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