Abortion : The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women Essay

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the meaning of abortion is the act of terminating an event or objective before it is complete. In this case abortion would be used as a woman aborting a pregnancy. For quit awhile abortion has been a touchy subject and a popular debate issue. If I’m not mistaken, abortion has been a debatable topic in every presidential election for the candidate and what would they do about the subject. Roe v. Wade brought attention to women’s rights and in 1973, the case was taken to Supreme Court to regulate abortion so they can meet strict rules. Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate, says “abortions isn’t right if it’s limited.” In the New York Magazine on march 8, 2016. The question is should abortion rights be limited or expanded? I believe that abortion rights should be limited if none at all.

In his book Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women, Brian E. Fisher writes about the most debated question in the country, abortion. Fisher starts the book off with “Abortions doesn’t exploit women it empowers them… Men started it. Men oppress with it. Men can end it.” (99). Fisher’s book mainly focus on the men’s view of abortion and women are not the only ones that are effected by the action. In the beginning he starts with men answering the question “why should men have any say at all?” That men do not have the right to say anything and that their “selfish purpose had already been achieved.” Fisher then goes on to say that women are not the only victims, but men are as well, “there…

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