Abortion : The Nationwide Debate Essay

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Abortion: The Nationwide Debate
Cardboard signs with the phrases “Abortion is homicide”, “Stop the baby slashers”, and “Love thy unborn neighbor”, can be seen all over the nation, on every street corner. Followed with graphic images of aborted babies and unborn fetuses, these signs are shocking many people in America. Abortion, and where America stands on the issue, has become a major topic of conversation in the United States and its government. The idea of abortion, previously a religious issue, has grown into a nationwide debate. Non religious pro life groups, such as the SPL and AUL, are promoting their views, holding protests and marches. Combining both religion and reason, many important people and events are pushing the pro life movement forward, changing America’s view on abortion.

While it is somewhat unclear as to when abortion became a nationwide issue, one of the major sparks was the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. During the Roe v. Wade trial, the Supreme Court’s decision supported the legality of abortion. The Supreme Court explained that the definition of a person, created in the constitution, doesn’t apply to unborn fetuses. In turn, this makes abortion the mother’s decision (Reitman, 4). Although the Roe v. Wade decision was made in favor of pro choice individuals, it was crucial in pushing the pro life movement forward. In fact, professor Kristin Luker said that, “More of the people we interviewed joined the pro-life movement in 1973 than…

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