The Importance Of Immigration And Democracy

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Throughout the establishment of our nation, there have been many ideals that have created, what some might consider a strict divide amongst citizens. After all there is a reason why topics such as religion and politics are controversial discussions to bring up at the dinner table. The reason why these topics cause such a stir can be debated in various ways, however, there is a conclusion that we can all agree on and that is that when individuals take a stance on a topic, such as politics, they genuinely feel as if they are correct. When talking about politics we usually feel as if a similar question always comes up, which is: are you a democrat or a republican? Many would answer this question by simply stating the political party that they …show more content…
Republicans believe that one approach to illegal immigration is by building a wall on the U.S- Mexican border, this method would enforce a strict border that would make it almost impossible for any sort of traffic, pedestrian or otherwise, to travel over the border without proper verification and approval. This practice is found to be effective by Republicans because they strongly accept the idea that the sovereignty and safety of the United States is being compromised with the addition of millions of undocumented immigrants, since we live in an era where terrorism, gang violence, and drug trafficking occur. On the other side of the argument, Democrats realize that the immigration system is broken but have a different approach on how to handle that issue. In their eyes, they view illegal immigration as a problem that needs to be dealt with in a humane way that supports the values of the Democratic party. They acknowledge the struggle that many illegal individuals go through as they hide in the shadows and are separated from their families. Through this mentality, members of the party support the approach of making it easier for illegal immigrants in our country to obtain the means required for their citizenship. Along with this action, they would also like to continue to support the DREAMers present in our country, by granting them an opportunity towards driver’s licenses and in-state tuition. While both parties exhibit various differences when discussing illegal immigration, they do possess some similar beliefs, such as, the idea that immigrants should assimilate towards American culture through English speaking programs and the belief that this country was founded on the principles of immigration, so much so that legal immigrants should be welcomed to the country with open arms. In my own opinion, I find myself leaning towards the side of the Democrats, due to their method

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