Essay on Abortion, The, And Radio Host

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According to Eric Metaxas, an author, spokesmen, and radio host, more than 55,000,000 individual lives are taken out of this earth since the seventy’s-although the number of abortions have dropped since then (Metaxas). Abortion is when a baby/fetus is executed during pregnancy. The quite controversy subject affects several U.S. citizens, including the fetus. One side of the argue disputes that to terminate the baby is to violate its individual rights. People who support Prolife (a group who disagree with abortion) work to protect the baby and stands as a voice for the baby. This group believes all life is precious and do not believe that the growing souls should suffer when they are innocent. The opposite side of the argument claims that if a mothers’ life is at stake, there should be no say in whether who should live or not. This group believes if the controversial situation involves a report including rape, women should not have to have the baby especially because she did not want or plan for one in the first place. In order to accommodate to both those who do not approve of abortion and those who do want it in the United States, there needs to be abortion laws, keep the twenty-week limit, and make abortion more available and affordable to women. The nation could adopt abortion laws almost like the gun laws that stand today. There are gun laws that apply to the citizens of the United States that make businesses take regulations for those who want to buy a gun. They do…

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