Abortion Should Not Be The Mother 's Choice Essay examples

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Pro-Life If a single living cell or a once living cell was found on mars then everything that could be done to preserve it would be done, so why don 't we try to preserve an unborn fetus. Since the law, Roe Vs. Wade, was passed in 1973 more than 57,496,011 fetuses have been aborted (“U.S. Abortion Statistics By Year (1973-Current”). Eighteen days after conception a baby 's heart beats for the first time with it’s own blood (“Baby Development Facts - A Profile Across America”). With twenty-three chromosomes each fetus is unique and it is own being. The baby becomes a different human the moment the egg is fertilized. With abortion being legal all nine months of the mother’s pregnancy, the baby could be completely formed and still murdered. Abortions should not be the mother 's choice.
Four and a half months after conception the baby can begin to feel pain and react to skin stimulus (“Baby Development Facts - A Profile Across America”). Yet abortions can still happen throughout all nine months. Every process abortion does either medical or surgical causes harm to the fetus and in the case of the mother the surgical process can cause harm to the cervix (“The Facts of Partial Abortion”). One that is particularly gruesome is Partial abortion. This is where the baby is delivered all except for the head, which is kept in the cervix. Then after the head is delivered a sharp metal stick is put under the baby’s head at the base of the neck. Then the tender flesh is pierced going…

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