Abortion Should Not Be Safe Abortion Essay

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Safe Abortion According to the World Health Organization, unsafe abortions are the most easily preventable causes of maternal mortality (Grimes et al, 2006). In countries with developed healthcare systems, in-clinic abortions are responsible for one or less maternal deaths per 100,000 procedures. Restrictive laws lead women to pursue unsafe, illegal means of abortion, but do little to reduce the overall occurrence (Cohen, S.A, 2009). According to the Guttmacher institute of health, out of the 42 million abortions that occur annually worldwide, only half are performed in a safe environment by skilled practitioners. The remaining half, referred to as back-alley abortions, are performed illegally in unsafe conditions. Each year 68,000 women die from complications of back-alley abortions, one woman every eight minutes. Of the women who do survive, an additional 5 million are hospitalized annually (Cohen, S.A, 2009). Protecting abortion rights is a matter of public health. By making legal abortions easily attainable, less women will have to turn to more drastic measures.
Ethical Framework and Ethical Values or Principals
The ethicality of abortion is supported by the theory of utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that suggests that the ethicality of an action depends on its end result. In utilitarianism, an ethical action is the one that yields the most utility or usefulness for the given situation. Utility is the property of an object that…

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