Abortion Should Not Be Legal Essay

1431 Words Feb 29th, 2016 6 Pages
Did you know that numerous abortions happen every day at every minute, more than a million lives are taken because women have abortions, Abortion is the death cause of two thousand seven hundred people in the world between either the women or the children dying (Leverich 41). Because abortion offends God, is Unsafe, lacks responsibility, and is a form of child abuse, abortion should not be legal. In multiple different ways abortion can offend God. People from all over would think that abortion is a grave sin (“Abortion…”). The fifth commandment is “thou shalt not kill” that is stating any pregnant women should not have an abortion because it is not right to kill a baby (“Abortion…”). Abortion is murder to God because he created the baby who you will be putting into this life (“Abortion is Unsafe”). Most people usually go to jail and tend to be in trouble for killing other people, but Abortion is no different you are just killing the fetus while it inside of you (“Abortion…”). God will make anything happen, if he does not want this baby on this earth, then he will make sure this baby will not exist (Alsanea). Abortion should be illegal because a baby is one of the greatest gifts from God that you will ever receive (Alsanea). If you were to obtain an abortion, would you think about what God would think of you after you did it? Abortion is definitely not the safe route to go. In order to have an abortion you will have to go through surgery (“Abortion”). Having an abortion…

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