Abortion Should Not Be Illegal Essay

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Since 1760 BC, abortions have been sought-out internationally. There are a variety of reasons for them: because sexually abused women do not desire for guardianship of the child, females do not want their body to be unfit because of pregnancy, or it was a careless mistake that could have been prevented with birth control or any other prevention method. Many women have nonessential abortions. One quintessential example of this is in China; they kill fetuses if the sonogram proves the unborn child to be female. Abortions should be illegal because it is unjust and purposeless slaughter to the unborn human being. In most beliefs, people consider abortions to be unethical and murder to the unborn child.
In a poll by the Pew Research Center in 2014, almost half of American citizens stated abortion should be illegal in most to all cases. In a different poll, approximately twenty percent of Northerners and roughly thirty percent of residents of the West Coast and almost half of Midwesterners highly believed abortions should be illegal. Over half of the inhabitants of the Southern Central states, from Kentucky to Texas, declare abortions should not be allowed (Wanlund).
In the Christian faith, abortions are the killing of an unborn child, which is a deadly sin. Research says, “In early April, Kansas became the first state to outlaw dismemberment of a fetus during abortion, essentially banning a method known as dilation and evacuation (often called a D&E). In the procedure, the…

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