Abortion, Right And Wrong, By Rachel Smith Essay example

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In Rachel Smith’s essay, “Abortion, Right and Wrong,” she analyzes a controversial topic in America. Smith analyzes how the pro-life and pro-choice movements are too extreme for her to support either side and how “theory collides with reality,” when speaking about abortion. Ultimately, Smith poses her thesis as a question, “Why can we not view abortion as one of those anguished decisions in which human beings struggle to do the best they can in trying circumstances?” One of Smith’s main reasons for why she cannot call herself pro-life or pro-choice is because “both groups present themselves in absolutes.” In regards to the pro-life movement, Smith finds herself more secluded when individuals advocate for the overturn of Roe v. Wade or when “abortion clinics are bombed.” But above all things, Smith is appalled by the approach the pro-life movement takes in hopes to protect the unborn: I am horrified by their scare tactics, their pictures of well-formed fetuses tossed in a metal pan, and their cruel slogans. I cannot condone their flagrant misuse of Scripture and unforgiving spirit. There is meanness about their position that causes them to pass judgment on the lives of women in a way I could never do.
Even though Smith is appalled by the “scare tactics” used by the pro-life movement, Smith does believe a fetus is a living person and an abortion does end its life. However, Smith does not correlate abortion with murder. For example, Smith says, ”homicide is not always…

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