Judith Thomson Abortion Analysis

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Abortion is a big topic that everyone has a different view on it. Such as Thomson who believes that abortion should be a right and that women should not be denied to it because it is their body. Judith Thomson is correct in saying that a woman does not have a duty to preserve the life of her fetus even if it is her genetic child. As the supreme court stated, denying an abortion may lead stressful life and future for the mother. A woman has a right to do what she pleases with her body especially in the case of rape-induced pregnancy. No women should be forced to remember the past, of what she went through even though it's not the fault of the fetus. Everyone should have a right to an abortion.

Abortion should not be denied because if you deny
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The violinist is on his deathbed in need of a kidney transplant. If you were kidnaped to help this person which would mean you would be in a bed next to him for about 9 months, you would think that it's outrageous. It is the same thing as a mother carrying a fetus for 9 months that was caused by rape. Letting the violinist die is like letting go of the fetus which is really no different or wrong because a mother has the right to control her body. But if you decide to help the violinist or keep the fetus then that is called a good Samaritan act. As Thomson says, even if the mother knew the risks of sex she is still not morally responsible for the fetus even if she is causally responsible.

Women should be able to abort especially in the case of rape because women don't want to grow up hating their child because they know how their child came to be. Some women become depressed, get into drugs and start resenting life and family. Having the child of their rapist is always going to be a reminder of the past. they won't be able to move forward because they will be reminded of the past every time they look at their child. This kind of life will not be healthy for the mother or the
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just like any house people allowed are to do what they please to their house why should abortion be any different? However, either way, someone’s right will be taking away either the mother or the fetus. But, the fetus is of the mother therefore, you can't take away the mother's right to life because she has a right to do what she wants with her body. If the mother says to save the fetus then that is a choice that she has made which means that in this case letting the mother die is justifiable. If the mother does not give that choice in a case of an emergency then the doctors cannot make the decision to save the baby or fetus over the mother. They should save the mother not the fetus because it is her body. It is true that the fetus is not at fault, the mother is causally responsible for the existence of the fetus, however, she is not morally responsible for the fetus. She can be a good samaritan and keep the fetus for nine months and then either keep it or give up for adoption. Adaption will only create more harm than good just as it would if the mother kept the

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