Abortion Is The Most Common Surgical Intervention Essay

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Abortion is the most common surgical intervention that women process within their everyday life. Personally, I see abortion as a murder, but I do understand why some women proceed to an abortion Because all of them have different problems and beliefs. So, the question I have always been asking myself is: does abortion legally, morally, healthy and religiously a good thing for women? When you ask such question, people always have different answers. Even though some states in the United States have legalized abortion, I still believe that abortion is immoral, unhealthy, and religiously not good for women.
Therefore, in the state of Connecticut, abortion is legal because of woman right. They have the option to choose if they want to proceed to an abortion because Connecticut law provides that "The decision to terminate a pregnancy prior to the fetus shall be solely that of the pregnant woman in consultation with her physician." The women right of choice is an important factor because it gives them the option to choose. The physician should make sure that a woman who is performing an abortion is aware of the risk, and they should also take their time to decide whether or not abortion is a good thing or is the only solution for her because she should be aware of that she is deciding about the life of an innocent person. On the other hand, abortion case has created a lot of controversy around the U.S.A. because people who are for giving the right to women to choice are called…

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