Essay about Abortion Is The Fundamental Debated Considerations

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Sarah Harris
Final Paper

Abortion is a passionately debated topic in philosophical, political, and religious circles. Values in relation to life are the fundamental debated considerations in regard to abortion. Such values include beliefs about when life begins, assessing the quality of life for children who are unwanted, and concerns about the mother’s life and health. The differing views comparing the respect of autonomy for either the woman or fetus and the ethical principle of non-maleficence are also considerations that are heavily debated.
Respect for autonomy can be defined by this quote, “Autonomy-literally self rule, but probably better summarily described as deliberated self rule- is special attribute of all moral agents, including ourselves” (xxiii). The foundation for the argument of when life actually begins in pregnancy regards to either respecting the autonomy of the fetus or the woman. Pro-life activists believe that life starts at conception, while pro-choice activists hold that life begins only begins when a fetus is outside the womb. Therefore, pro-life supporters argues for the respect of autonomy for the fetus and claims that the fetus is a person, has a soul, and has a right to life. On the contrary, pro-choice supporters claim that there is no way to determine if the fetus is a person and so women should have the option of a safe surgical termination of an unwanted pregnancy. The pro-choice therefore argues for the respect of autonomy for the mother.…

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